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New UTD Uniform Launched


The UTD along with IDS (International Dance Supplies) are pleased to announce the launch of our new examination uniform. More information will be released to members in the upcoming newsletter. 


Please contact the office if you require any further information before the newsletter is issued. 


Annual General Meeting 2017 News


As discussed at the AGM, the Technical sections in the Major Tap Levels have now been replaced.  There will also be Theory for Primary One & Two Modern. Please contact the office for a printed copy to add to your syllabi. 


The old level 4/5/6 Tap can no longer be used from January 1st 2018.


All new Acrobatics / Gymnastic levels must be used from January 1st 2018. 


All prices for Examinations / Medal Tests will remain the same. A slight increase will be made to the Teaching Certificates. 


Subcription Fees will remain the same for 2018

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