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Although 2020 has been a rather traumatic year for the Arts World, here at the UTD we are proud to have taken the opportunity to sieze the moment and push forward with our partnership with GQAL - Graded Qualifications Alliance.


We have done this in order to continually provide our members with new challenges and opportunities to enhance their own Teaching skills and offer their students regulated examination work.


The early part of 2020 saw our UTD Examiners partake in their GQAL Examiner Training & this is on-going, with refresher courses for the Examiners no doubt required!


GQAL representatives have recently visited the UTD Head Office to provide initial training in the use of Exam Track.


All GQAL syllabi is currently undergoing an update, which as can be imagined with the stop start year this has been, this has proved a little difficult to gain momentum with but it is a work in progress.


As an Association we are extremely pleased to now be able to provide you all with this opportunity and hope that you see this as the huge positive step forward that we do!


                         New for our Members - Dance Teaching Qualifications

                                  The Awards are offered at Three Levels

                          For more information please contact info@gqal.org

  • Certificate for Dance Teaching Assistant which sits at Level 3 of the RQF
  • Certificate in Dance Teaching which sits at Level 4 of the RQF
  • Diploma in Dance Teaching and Management which sits at Level 5 of the RQF


*MEMBERS - Please take a look at the Members section for a little more information, more will be added as we move forward with finalising this work*


*NEW MEMBERS - Please contact us direct for further information at





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