UTD IN 2023


As we head towards the end of the year 2023, we look back and reflect on another successful year as we continue to build ourselves up for all our loyal members & perspective new members.


A year of Self-Regulated Examinaton sessions around the country, seeing a string of successful 100% pass rates at school after school. It has been wonderful to see our members embracing new genres on offer with the Contemporary Examinations and we look forward to offering two training days for Contemporary Grades 5-8 in 2024!


A year where we have finally been able to introduce Regulated Programmes of Study with Grades 1-7 Ballet and Tap Grades 1-4 on offer to our Members. We are well on the way to being able to deliver Modern Grades 1-5 in 2024 too!


And a year where our new Primary 3 Syllabi in Ballet, Modern & Tap was launched and we look forward to seeing the work filtering into 2024 examination sessions!

*Members please note that Primary 3 will be a mandatory examination ahead of L1 and in order to teach this new work you MUST have purchased your conversion certificates (£25 per teacher) and the new syllabus, music & DVD currently on offer at £90 for all three genres.*


2024 will see Primary 3 in Acrobatics, Lyrical and Musical Theatre introduced!


We are proud to have moved forward with not just what we have to offer our members but how are we offering it too, as we have seen a fabulous response to our Self-Regulated Syllabi's and Regulated Programmes of Study being purchased online. It is so quick and easy to literally deliver it your fingertips and we continue to evolve with our paperwork in 2024 as we strive to meet with the technology obsessed world that we now live in!


As we evolve in one way to keep ourselves up to date and moving with the times, we have found ourselves caught up in the economic growth of the country and in order to keep up with the ever increasing cost of living, UTD have had to review the cost of our Self-Regulated Syllabi's and Regulated Programmes of Study in order for us to continue to improve the quality of the work we produce for our members. There will be a natural increase in all of the work we produce and offer to our members as this goes hand in hand with inflation but we guarantee it will remain affordable too.


UTD has a wide selection of genres in our Association, our Self-Regulated Syllabi's not only include the core dance genres of Ballet, Tap & Modern but also Acrobatics, Contemporary, Freestyle, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Street.


Performance Awards are also on offer in each genre too.


Our new Graded Qualifications Alliance (GQAL) Regulated Programmes of Study in Ballet and Tap are also on offer with the additional achievement of GQAL being recognised as an awarding organisation by the following Regulatory Authorities:


The Qualifications are part of the Regulated Qualifications Framework & the General Graded Examinations also attract UCAS points!



UTD members as we approach the end of 2023 it is that time of year where you will be receiving your Membership Renewal Forms and in continuing with our new online approach you will be receiving a link to complete your 2024 Membership Forms.


If you are interested in joining our association please contact us direct on:




Check out our events section for what UTD have coming up in 2024!

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