So it has been with a heavy heart that we have made the decision to CANCEL this years event!


This is not something we wanted to do as we really want to see our dancers back performing on stage, however due to the low numbers of entries it was just not a feasible option to run this year.


HOWEVER.............we have moved the new date to Sunday 3rd April 2022 at Sutton Town Hall............AND the format of the day will be run a little differently as we want to present more of an all inclusive dance day or mini dance convention for everyone as we have all missed out on so much lately!


So watch this space for further announcements and how you can join us for this exciting new venture in 2022!





It was so lovely to finally be able to hold our AGM with teachers and examiners present in the same room!

A time to catch up with everyone and simply enjoy being in company with others talking and sharing our passion of dance again!


We enjoyed a sneak peek at some of the GQAL Ballet grades that are due to go 'live' from January 2022, a snapshot of the Street Standards from Standard 4, some lovely Lyrical work and a wonderful piece of choreography to finish an action packed day.


Thank you all so much for getting involved in the practical aspects of the day and for the positive response towards the GQAL work that is coming to our association, it's been a long time coming but it will finally be here soon.........January 2022.


A huge Well Done to our High Achievers & Achievers 2020


High Achievers Winners 2020

Belgrave Studio of Dance

Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Ballet 4, Modern 3, Tap 1, Tap 3


Deborah Manning School of Dance

Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3, Tap 1, Tap 3


FS Dance

Ballet 5


Vale Dance

Ballet Inter Foundation Module A


Rebecca Marie Academy of Dance

Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Modern 2, Tap 2, Tap 3, Tap 6


Achievers Winners 2020


Michelle Ahern School of Dance

Acrobatics 1, Acrobatics 3


MS Dance

Street S3, Street S5


Rebecca Marie Academy of Dance

Street S1, Street S2, Street S3, Street S4, Street S5






A huge Thank You & Well Done to Vicky Shone, the creator of our new Contemporary Syllabi for presenting a fun and informative training day to Examiners, Teachers and Students, who attended on Sunday 15th August 2021.


And Thank You & Well Done to those Examiners, Teachers (in person & on Zoom) and Students who not only attended but took a very active part in the day too. It was a great way to learn the work to take back to your respective dance schools to learn this exciting new syllabi.


It was also a great opportunity for the work to be recorded for a DVD being produced as a teaching aid to accompany the syllabi.


Please contact the office direct if you are interested in purchasing this syllabi:







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