UTD - COVID-19 UPDATE (updated 01/03/2021)


UTD will offer guidance where possible during the global pandemic we currently find ourselves in, the main priority is everyone’s safety at this time and although we all wish for the dance world to be as it once was, we must remain patient and vigilant and follow the new Government guidelines and restrictions.


The information on the gov.uk website may vary for members in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and we ask that you please check the restrictions and regulations that apply to you.



The UK Prime Minister announced on 22 February the 4 Step Road Map to easing and lifting restrictions in England, with schools reopening from 8th March. Please see the links below to Prime Minister’s statement and the Covid-19 Response Spring 2021.

Announcement are also being made by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Road Map is a positive step forward and will be reviewed with updates given prior to each step forward. However, it is clear that a cautious approach must be taken and when dance classes and examinations can restart they must be covid-secure.

We strongly recommend you review your risk assessment and covid policies and contact your local authority health departments for advice and guidance on reopening and possibly obtain confirmation in writing.

Please remember current lockdown rules apply until the first step on 8th March.

  • Step 1: From 8th March onwards: With schools returning on this date there maybe a possibility of regulated dance qualifications being assessed in out-of-school settings.
  • It is important to note this for Regulated Work only NOT Self-Regulated which is what we are at UTD.
  • Step 2: From 12th April at the earliest: in-person dance classes for children and young people, under the age of 18. We aim to offer examinations by video or live stream only for children and young people, under the age of 18 years.
  • Step 3: From 17th May at the earliest: in-person dance classes for Adults over 18 years. For all age groups, we aim to return to examinations with examiner present and will continue to offer video and live streamed examinations.
  • Step 4: From 21st June at the earliest: No limits on social contacts, larger events.

We must emphasise that all dates are subject to change and all dance classes and examinations when and where possible MUST be covid-secure. A Risk Assessment including Covid-19 Measures is now required for ALL Examination Applications.

We would ask our members in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to check the regulations which currently apply to them.

Links to gov.uk website:




Northern Ireland

From 26th December 2020 additional restrictions were introduced. The regulations will apply for six weeks, with a review after four weeks.




Each Council area of Scotland has been assigned to a COVID protection level. There are 5 protection levels or tiers.

Scottish Government revised its guidance at the beginning of January 2021 for all mainland areas of Scotland . See links below:







Wales is currently under Alert level 4. Which requires indoor fitness centres/gyms etc to close. See link below



Please continue to check the Government website for the latest information https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus


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